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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options for you accept?

We accept Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, credit card and debit cards.

Is there an hourly cap? 

$85 an hour for a deep clean

What happens when we leave the premises and no one is home?

We lock the home and call the homeowner to set the alarm or what was discussed with homeowner 

Do you need to declutter your home?

Yes, please pick up any toys, clothes etc, before the cleaning is started.

Will the crew clean in the interior of the appliances?

We always clean the microwave, please let us know if there are additional appliances you would like cleaned.

Do you provide all the cleaning supplies?

We provide all the products the only thing we ask is clients provide one roll of paper towels. Please notify client we will bring our vacuum and mop but if they can leave theirs out, it makes things go more smoothly.

If there are pets in the home, what is the process?

Please have you pets put up, unless something was discussed with JandW.

Do you clean high ceilings?

Yes, We asked that you provide a ladder.

A question that you have is not answered here?

Please send us an email or give us a call for clarification.

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